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Articles and tutorials for programmer (C++ / C# / Javascript).

Articles on computer programming

Simulating the chaotic behaviour of a magnetic pendulum.

A screen saver showing predator-prey interaction in a toroidal world.

Simulating evolution in a web browser with Javascript.

A Javascript implementation of Conways Game of Life.

On the accuracy of numeric integration schemes.

Modelling a realistically looking galaxy with the density wave theory.

Simulating a galaxy by solving N-body problems with the Barnes-Hut Algorithm.

muparser math parsing library

A fast math expression parser library.

A math expression parser with string and array and matrix support.

A math expression compiler based on asmjit and muparser.

Astrophotography and Space Exploration

An introduction on how to do low cost astrophotography with basic gear.

A collection of interesting images from various space exploration missions done by NASA and ESA